Would it be too soon to try to ask her out?

I’m friends with this girl that somewhat recently broke up with her boyfriend of four years. I don’t know much about it other than it was over two months ago, it was messy, and it’s for sure over. Since then her and I have been spending a lot of time together. We know each other from school and friends so it’s different now that it’s just us two together. We’ve talked about things and it’s been us mostly getting to know each other more than just “friends of friends”. Our most recent hang out was at a school basketball game and dinner after. To date she hasn’t mentioned her boyfriend and she hasn’t invited anyone else to our hangouts. I’ve avoided doing anything because I’m still not sure if she likes me or if it’s too soon. Is it? We have Valentine’s Day coming up and I’m really unsure of what to next. Help.


Ask her out. If she's not ready, she'll let you know. If she wants you only as a friend she'll find a kind way to let you know.


The longer you wait the more likely you'll be more than just a rebound relationship.

Bent Snowman

She likes you enough, it's not too early, if you are set on wanting to date her then I'd say it's fine to ask now. You'll find out if she has romantic feelings for you or if she just liked you as a source of post-breakup comfort. If it's the latter, don't beat yourself up too much, she's human, that's what humans do. It's good that you helped her even if turns out to be the case that she doesn't want the same things. Also, as the only guy answering this question so far, I wanted to tell you that you shouldn't dismiss the fact that she went through a "messy" breakup too easily. It takes two to tango. Depending on what she even means by "messy breakup" it could be a red flag. People don't like it when you hold things in your past against them, but you have to look out for yourself too.


You already went out to dinner and a bball game? Sounds as if you're doing fine. Ask her out for dinner- a nice one- and see what she says. Be patient, but don't leave gaps or someone else will come along. It sounds as if you're already on your way. Don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day. That's too much of a commitment. Something small, maybe a pink cupcake and get yourself one too to share. Just so you're not both "left out". Then let thing go from there.


Go ahead and ask her out.


i dont think so