Can I be foreign and like Donald Trump?



Of course you can, the Russians seemed to love him! Not so much anymore though it seems?

Jingoist Jones

Yes. We need the entire world to swing in the right direction, not just America.


Only if you ask for permission first

Atheist Dude


The Game

No democrats will call you a russian troll and will try to violently attack you



Sir Studley Smugley

Sure. And you also have the right to be stupid. At least, in the USA, and the Western democracies. Foreign dictators like Putin, Kim Jong-Un and Duterte LOVE Trump.

Donald K

In my experience abroad, most foreigners do. They like the fact that he is denuclearizing Korea and holding China to account to make trade more fair world wide. The US isn't an aggressive superpower anymore but a promoter of peace. The world has Trump to thank for that.


Sure, you qualify as a minority

Your Friendly Neighborhood Asian

You have "free will"; don't let society make your decisions


Yes, I do