What does it mean bourjois in french? It is a foundation brand....?



In the cosmetic sense, it is named after Alexandre-Napoleon Bourjois,who was an early partner in the company. Nothing to do with middle class.

Catherine: The correct spelling in French is

The correct spelling in French is: Bourgeois, which has nothing to do with the brand of cosmetics: Bourjois. → Here some information about the brand of cosmetics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bourjois Otherwise bourgeois in French means: _ Sens 1), like: middle class _ Sens 2), it's like: To be a conformist. The feminine of the word bourgeois is: bourgeoise. For the plural it's the same word: bourgeois.


Bourjois has been inventing clever, creative makeup and beauty products that simplify beauty.


the spelling is "bourgeois" it refers to middle class people who think they are better than the "peasants"