Should I educate my boyfriend on african american culture?

I'm African American and my boyfriend is white. He usually just slips it under the rug about racial issues. I get he wont understand due to him being white but should I still educate him about this? I feel like he doesn't take it seriously or care about our culture at all.


immature BF USA is a 270 yrs old culture country and a very young country


You can't make him care, although if he enjoys most any form of modern music he's partaking of the fruits of black creative labor. But you might take him to museums, art shows, performances and other things that celebrate black history and culture. Ultimately he may never though be as interested in it as you are.


White is a race and has no true culture. You do not even state his ethnicity so why should he have any interest in yours? I would like to see a world where race doesn't matter. You are mixing racial issues and ethnicity. There is confusion in this. Beware the can of worms you open. Just because he likes you doesn't mean he agrees with all of your opinions. There are two sides to every issue and the question becomes what culture you refer to?


You know it can actually be pretty satisfying to be more educated. it might be seperate from what you mean here but my friend is black(one of my closest friends etc) we were on the phone one time & he said the government wants to make black people slaves again.. and I kinda thought ah man (coz even tho im basically Irish blood it's still a touchy subject and I feel accused) but right after he said it wasn't even white people that started it.. and he educated me that white people travelled to Africa, and the African government were slaving their own people, he told me that white people started buying slaves from African slave traders at first and then took it upon themself which is where it got worse... it was a real eye opener which I'm still shocked about.. this is app why the English enslaved the Irish also to make money from it like Africa... so yeah it could be good to ed him just don't try to force it on him.. he probs wants the tension broken anyway..


Meet him half way and be open to education about white American culture. ... he "slips it under the rug" because the society around you has taught him that it is most likely you will become irrationally hysterical at the concept. Prove him wrong.


Sure. As long as your intentions are good, it's fine.


Is there one or is it American culture.