What do you think is a social issue that should be addressed ?


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in a word EDUCATION.


The need to judge people by their character as individuals, rather than being predjudice by putting people in groups. If you’re not a racist, and your not predjudice, how could you disagree? Predjudice doesn’t have “good” predjudice, to anyone but the person that’s predjudice. Pre judging a conservative without knowing the content of their character is Prejudice. I feel like I’m trying to warn people that they need to get out of their apartment, because it’s on fire, and the tenants are bound and determined that I’m trying to trick them. And when the people burn, and the economy fails, they will blame people like me for not speaking up. We could fix this division by calling predjudice, predjudice, when we see it.


Where I live the three biggest problems are homelessness, illegal immigration and local government corruption. In other parts the problems might be different.