Why does seemingly nearly every adult in America smokes cigarettes?


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I think the present figure is that 20% of adults smoke in the US . . . I do - and I'm one of he few in my set of friends in this area . . .yet when I drive, it seems that most people driving in a car around me are smoking. So - is it a "solitary sin" ??? But, in my travels it seems that European and Asian countries have even more smokers. Yeah - wish I had never started the habit - but I resent (in my state) that cigarette smoking is shamed and outlawed virtually everywhere - while recreational drug use is being legalized (by popular vote - - of course, the politicians go along with anything they can tax).


Because you look in places that attract smokers. Current smoking has declined from 20.9% (nearly 21 of every 100 adults) in 2005 to 15.5% (more than 15 of every 100 adults) in 2016. The proportion of ever smokers who had quit increased; however, current smoking prevalence did not change significantly during 2015-2016.2


I am not sure where you live, but I rarely see people smoking no matter where I go in the USA.


I never smoked. It's a ignorant habit to get into


That was in the 'old days', now it is different.


This hasn't been even close to true in decades.


They don't


Quite the opposite now and days.


Not true

you mean in Asia or Italy?


Not where I live in Ventura! Maybe 20% or little less do still smoke. That would be my guess.


Not everybody does


This is seemingly a false notion that you have. Recently, a great awakening had revealed that smoking is very bad for the health of humans, so many people have wisely opted to drop the habit.



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I happen to be a smoker, but that is WAY off! The number of adults in the US that smoke cigarettes (or use any tobacco produt) is way down just since 2000 - down even more since when I started (that was in the 1980s) and pretty much non-existant compaired to what seems to be there peak (1950s).


not true


The older the age group, the more smokers. My generation was above 50% of the population, it is now supposedly down to about 25%. Then again, I know an aweful lot of parents/adults, 10 plus years younger then I am. Who smock but hide it from their kids, hide it from most of their kids parents, hide it from all who do not know them well. I know this becouse I do not hide my smoking, don't do it around the kids nor in the house and such, but it is not a secret. Others, while dropping off their kids and such will ask to sneak out back for a quick smoke and such.


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