Do you think Meghan and Harry used in vitro fertilization and therefore will have twins?



I don't. There is no indication that they had been trying without success since their marriage, to warrant IVF.


Why would they need to? Clearly she conceived either shortly before the marriage (shock horror) or pretty soon after they were married. So no, I don't think there's ANY chance they had to resort to that.


IVF doesn't always result in twins. Most of the time, it doesn't. She became pregnant rather too quickly for them to have sought fertility treatment. Couples usually have to be trying without success for a while before they're referred for specialist treatment. She was only 36, which is not some automatic bar to natural conception. Prince Edward's wife had her children at 38 and 42, without fertility treatment. That said, she's large enough that I've wondered whether she is carrying twins. Assuming that she's expected to deliver in April, she's pretty big already. Women over 35 do have a statistically higher chance of conceiving twins, even without fertility treatment.


I don't think they used IVF but I hope they have twins which are more prevalant in older mothers. A woman over 35 has more than double the chance of conceiving twins..

Clo G.-B.

No. We don't know if the former Meghan Markle is expecting twins, just that she is pregnant.

Baron Clownish

New Idea magazine says they are expecting triplets.


There's no reason to think that. The Duchess of Sussex got pregnant within a few months of marrying.


Maybe, we don't know if Harry is fertile. Maybe they had a donor.

Sir Prince Kenny

No, the Duchess of Meghan seems to be a fertile little filly and on past reports of Prince Harry, he is MORE than capable of banging a few out.