I know that all British people are related to the queen but is the rumour true that the queen isn’t acruallt related to all British people?



Why on earth do you think all British people are related to the Queen? The Queen is related to as many people as are related to her.


All people are not related to the Queen.


Everyone on earth is related to everyone else on earth, and all people of British ancestry -- including the Queen -- are related to one another. It's been estimated that they are all at least descendants of King Edward III Plantagenet, who had a fair number of children and grandchildren. The Queen certainly is. Just do the math. It's not difficult. The Queen is mostly of English ancestry. Her ancestry can, in fact, be traced back to before the Norman Conquest, to the Anglo-Saxon kings. The Angles and the Saxons were, of course, Germanic peoples, but that doesn't make the Queen "German" any more than it makes any other British people "German". Her first Hanoverian ancestor, George I, was a direct descendant of King James I Stuart, who was himself a direct descendant of Henry VII Tudor and Elizabeth of York, who were both direct Plantagenet descendants. Her last ancestor actually to be born in a German region was Prince Albert, 200 years ago. Even Queen Mary, who was half-German, was also half British and born in London.


Some people may be related to her ..... I can trace my line back to Robert the Bruce and so to the Vikings. If anybody born in the UK of British parents, traces their line far enough back, there may well be some dove-tailing into HM's lines. After all HM had Scottish parents (who may well have also gone back to Robert the Bruce). So she isn't all 'German'.

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All people may be able to trace a relationship to everyone on earth.Elizabeth is a descendant of the Royal House of Stuart, which is connected to the English Royal House of Tudor, and so on. She also has German ancestry, Danish ancestry---her family is related to many of the European royal houses and therefore to many people throughout Europe...


All british people are not related to the queen, how would thatwork for god's sake?

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I guess that all people are related to one another, depending on how far you want to go back cousin. Our species originated from Africa to begin with. In the more modern sense though the Queen has a mix of mostly British and German influenced Euro heritage. The German people called Germany the fatherland and Britain the motherland for a reason.


I hope you're being deliberately obtuse. But perhaps you really don't understand that if all British people were related to the Queen, then OF COURSE the Queen would be related to all British people. You can't have a one-way relationship: it isn't a relationship at all.


What does "acruallt " mean? But no - not all British people are related to the Queen. Some are, very distantly, but certainly not all. And obviously no, the Queen isn't related to all British people as that means exactly the same thing.


Betty's a kraut. It's not a secret.


I come from the North east of England. Im not related to the Queen, and If I was I wouldn't admit to it in polite company. Queen is German, they are all German.

Richard: Many of her ancestors were German. PS

Many of her ancestors were German. PS: Not all British people are related to the queen: the British monarchy is rather inbred.


If all British people are related to the Queen, then all American people are related to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


We are NOT related, her ancestors are German mine are pure British.


Yes, she's German.


The royals in Britain, including the Queen, are very German. Her German direct lineage includes: Queen Mary of Teck, Queen Victoria whose mother was German, Prince Albert, George I who spoke no English when taking the British throne, etc. The Queen’s 4 sisters-in-law were married to Germans who all had ties to the Nazis. There is substantial evidence to show that the Queen’s uncle, the Duke of Windsor, admired Hilter. Edit: The British royal house’s real name is the German name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. It was changed to the fake name Windsor so that they could appear more British. Also, Prince Philip’s surname is the German Battenberg. It also was changed to a fake name (Mountbatten) to sound more British.


I spent Christmas with Nana Lizzy at Bucky Palace this last christmas, it is true that we are all related to her! We all get a turn to spend xmas with her. However, yes, rumour is ALSO true that she isn't related to all British people, she is actually only related to 937 of us (lucky buggers), hope that settled those rumours once and for all Emma!