Rank the following royal consorts in the order of your opinion of their beauty and grace:?

Rania of Jordan, Silvia of Sweden, Letizia of Spain, Maxima of the Netherlands and Argentina, Camilla of England, Mary of Denmark and Tasmania, Mette-Marit of Norway, Mathilde of Belgium, Masako of Japan, Jetsum Pema of Bhutan, Keisha Omilana of Nigeria, Charlene of Monaco and South Africa


What a pointless exercise! What does it matter who is the most beautiful? They aren't fashion models! Thinking of people in terms of their physical beauty is SO shallow!


Given that they are all different ages I have based my opinion on when each was at their best: And those with low exposure and a more private profile, I rated lower down. Mathilde of Belgium Maxima of The Netherlands Philip of UK Camilla of UK Jetson of Bhutan Charlene of Monaco Rania of Jordan Silvia of Sweden Mary of Denmark Masako of Japan Letizia of Spain Mette Marit of Norway Keisha of Nigeria


1. Jetsun Pema 2. Rania 3. Letizia 4. Charlene 5. Maxima 6. Silvia 7. Mathilde 8. Keisha 9. Mary 10. Mette-Marit 11. Masako 12. Camilla And as a bonus I'll throw in Philip at #13.

Helen Heels

1. Empress Michiko. 2. Letizia. etc...etc... 12. The Camilla woman, unless the canon laws of the CoE still matter. If so, Michiko's daughter-in-law Princess Masako at 12.


melania trump USA,,,,# 1


You forgot Philip of Great Britain.