Why do some denigrate Diana and her memory in order to justify Charles having married her for all the wrong reasons?

The poor girl was only 19 and he was 32 when they became engaged (his paramour, Camilla Parker Bowles, was 33, so she was much more experienced with men than Diana). Diana was not nearly experienced enough to be able to see that Charles was not in it for true love. Whatever Diana’s faults (she was human like all of us), she doesn’t deserve the brunt of the blame for being in a marriage that Charles and the royal establishment saw as an arranged marriage to a properly aristocratic virginal bride. Can you agree that, when reflecting on the early years of their marriage, Diana deserves some understanding and sympathy for what she faced as a young mother and wife? Not to mention the tremendous extra burden she faced with the media covering her every move in those early years. Surely, you all aren’t so hard-hearted.


They also claim she had a bastard son with James Hewitt. They are just stupid, I guess.

Clo G.-B.

Why do some people choose to ignore facts that Diana and Charles were both responsible for the collapse of their marriage? Why do certain people obsess over the subject and repeatedly post the same type questions over and over and over again. The truth is that both Charles and Diana were responsible for the marriage failing. Both had the feeling that they weren't really that compatible and they should have sat down and talked things through before the ceremony took place.


I'd suggest that even if what you say about her being an innocent young girl is true**, as time went on Diana was by no means faultless in this 'marriage', sham or not. But again, how long ago did all this happen ...... isnt' it time to leave it alone now? ** She might have been a virgin, but she sure knew how to 'milk it'. There was a cunning look about her right from the day of their engagement. Shy? - yeah right.

Louise C

I daresay Diana was hard done by. But frankly, when you get to my age, there doesn't seem that much difference between a person of 19 and one of 32, both seem very young to me. I mean, Charles didn't act very sensibly, but in my eyes he was only a boy.


Please .. give it a rest! They got married 38 years ago! Who cares any more what their reasons for marrying were? Diana may have been only 20 years old on their wedding day, but she knew exactly what she was getting into. She had known the Royal Family all her life!


She was on TV talking about Charles, while she had her own lover.


Its the easiest way for them to justify their delusion.


Who cares! She was a useless addition to a useless and anachronistic family and system.


I agree with you. She was young and naïve and vainly tried to make a marriage work to a man that deceived her from the get go. I do feel sorry for her and wonder if she would have been happier and still living had she not married Charles.


They don't like anyone who makes a show of them, they hate on the duchess of York too. I just moved you back from Turkey...