Why should anyone have sympathy for Duchess Meghan given that she knew full well what she was signing up for?



Nobody cares except you.


Sympathy for what?

Clo G.-B.

Decent people have sympathy for those who are bullied, abused, mistreated. The Duchess of Sussex has faced racist attacks. She did not "sign up" for racist abuse. A decent person would not tolerate racist abuse and support those who are victims of such. Meghan has not asked for your sympathy, by the way. Tabloids post lies and attack people in order to sell their wares to gullible, sometimes hateful people.


She was not asking for or wanting any sympathy what makes a troll like you think she does.

Sir Prince Kenny

I'm not sure whether she needs sympathy or not but, she has certainly had some quite negative press here. I know it's a lot to ask but, I think she should just be left alone.


I doubt very much she needs any sympathy. On the tv news last night she looked very happy.


Sympathy for a gold digging social climber that has stripper on her resume?No!


She doesn't need your sympathy, sweetie, nor is she asking for it. She's doing just fine without it. Are you always this gullible when it comes to the tabloids?


I doubt she knew she was signing up for the kind of racial abuse she has received at the hands of bigots who are an embarrassment to their country.

Baron Clownish

Although I do have some sympathy for our royal family, I have more sympathy for other people like Peter Sutcliffe.


No sympathy for the gold digger.

Janet S

You sound like Trump “comforting” the widow of a fallen soldier.


I doubt she wants or needs sympathy to be honest. Stop being sucked in by the nasty racist British media. Shes fine and happy and her new baby is coming very soon!! WOO!.


There's not many people who will have sympathy for her. She made her bed, let her lie in it.

Helen Heels

No, she only has to put up with this for another year or so before Harry's Nazi pics resurface and it's leaked that he's a racist. Then a settlement. I doubt she'll want to keep the Frogmore cottage the way Diana kept her flat. She's going to go back to Hollywood and be a very in-demand A-List actress for about two years and then the offers will dry up.