Should a 13 Year Old Teenager Start Boxing?

I’m 13 and for the past year or so I’ve wanted to start boxing. I’d like to box to get fit, self defense and be healthy and strong. I’m afraid I could be too weak and people might judge me about it. I also think I might be bad at the sport. I want to start it but I’m not sure if I should? Can you please answer and give me some tips please? :) Thank you!

Charles Veidt

Taking lessons would be fine (conditioning, footwork, technique, etc.), but you're too young for actual sparring.


sure. some that age even participate in the sport either at school or other boxing events. everyone is weak or not as strong as they'd like to be when they start, but get stronger as you go along. just go at your own pace. you should really talk with a doctor before starting any major physical workout plan. if it's been more than a year, get a physical. then express your workout and weight goals. make sure everything is OK for such activity first. then, see if your school has any sort of boxing classes, sport, or other activities students can partake in. otherwise, unless you get a bag at your home, you'll have to join a gym that has one, and your parents would likely have to sign off on that since you're still a minor.


Even the very best boxers had to start somewhere...and that somewhere is at the beginning, where you will start.Just remember that,and take it with you through your training.All the greats where at one point,in the same stage of development you are.