What percentage of a energy does it take to ride an electronic bicycle use compared to a MTB or Hybrid style of bicycle ?

If the assist with minor pedaling can get a person to 15-20 miles while moving


I have a 2 horsepower gas engine on my bike and it shifts gears automatically. Pedal only cyclist often are able to out accelerate me from a dead stop. However within a mile I'll over take them on the flats. The only way they can stay ahead of me is on long down hill stretches. When it comes to climbing hills they don't stand a chance of keeping up with me. These bikes you're talking about only have the equivalent of 1/3 horsepower. So on those heavy Citibikes and Limebikes they don't stand a chance against a mid level entry road bike. What I'm trying to say here is if you're content with doing 18 mph for a short period of time then little effort is required of the rider on an electric Citibike. However if you're wanting to go faster than 18 mph for several hours then a great deal deal of effort will be required of the rider compared to riding a quality road bike. Even a quality mountain bike or hybrid bike would require less energy from the rider than the 45+ lbs electric Citibike to exceed 18 mph. For several hours.


This question is difficult to understand. The level of assistance provided by the electric motor on an ebike can be adjusted. If you reduce the assistance level, you have to work harder, but your battery will last longer. The more assistance you use, the faster the battery will discharge