Last year deffense lost the super bowl for the Patriots, this year deffense won it for them, how weird is that?



Belichick is the defensive master. Last year he simply didn’t have enough good defensive players. Malcolm butler was overrated. This year we had Stephon Gilmore AND JC Jackson, AND Jason McCourty. All playing lights out. We also had Hightower back from injury, which is huge. We also had key development from a lot of defensive players over last year- the linebackers like flowers and Van Noy, and also Gilmore along with new guys developing well like Jc Jackson, and Lawrence guy. Also I feel like Belichick is annoyed he wasn’t getting enough credit this year so he basically schemed the f*uck out of all 3 teams in the postseason and destroyed their souls. He made Goff, Rivers and Mahomes look like backups for the first half and even the mighty Mahomes only did AIITE overall in the game.

Joe Mac

It's not weird considering neither defense had to play well since both offenses were terrible.

Mike L

It's the norm.


Not weird at all. Why would it be weird that a team would work on their weakness from one year to the next?


It is extremely weird.