Was Man City's title winning team, or Liverpool's current team, as good as Arsenal's invincibles?


Danish Dynamite

It's a very close matched thing. We are talking about elite teams here, so we have to be extremely critical in order to separate them. I really can't separate them, although I do believe that the EPL has been stronger in the last few years compared to how it was when Arsenal's invincibles won the league.


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Neither. That Arsenal team was one of the best ever. Different teams for different periods.

Lucifer Morningstar

Man City’s Centurions have a special resonance ring to it like “the invincibles”. However the Man United Treble winners of 1998-1999 were probably the best Premier team ever. The INVINCIBLES of Arsenal would be second. Man City did two things that no premier team has ever done before: 1. Man City earned 100 points ; 2. Man City scores over 100 goals. Thus they deserve “the Centurions” name. Liverpool will be lucky to earn 100 points. Right now Liverpool will fall short of reaching 100 goals as well.




Yes, the invincible's were allowed to cheat by every ref so it must have been policy to allow them obstruction with massive thighs blocking players.

Sky Blue

Man citys title winning team was the best.. we won the title in style and we had three figure points total.no other team has done that in the pl

Josh B

Centurions are the best PL team ever, highest points tally, most goals scored, most consecutive wins.. etc, shattered all the records.


None of them were anything special in Europe, some of the historical United teams are better than all of them

Dimitrious - aka KC

I think both are better than the invincible Arsenal team.