Can a daisy powerline 880 kill a squirrel, and what pellets should I use?



Bob, I am not familiar with that model of Daisy but I know my Benjamin will. I use .22 pellets that are pointed. I usually use what I can find but the two brands I have now are Daisy and Crossman. I would shoot a piece of soft wood and if it penetrates the wood it should kill a squirrel. Penetrate not go through.

Philip H

Yes. Any heavy Diablo style of pellet with a heavy weight will work if you hit a vital area. But getting close to the target and using a telescope sight properly adjusted will be essential. A slight miss can't do the job. Practice and assure yourself you have a rifle that repeats hitting the target accurately.


Suffice to say that the Daisy Powerline Model 880 bb-gun is not well suited to the task of harvesting a squirrel. Doesn't pack enough "wallop" to reliably send squirrels to their 'great beyond' and isn't accurate enough to do so from the distances squirrels are likely to be away from the muzzle. I suggest using equipment with better performance.


yes and any


Likely to cripple. Not an ethical joice to use for squirrels.


Old fashioned Daisy powerline girls keep the ammunition in a buttoned pocket as they use pink furniture to chase and club dead any small furry critters. It gets them away from house work and boys without killing qualities.


Those little “Daisy” brand guns are cheap. The pellets can cause severe injuries. Also, they can hit vehicles.