Home Defense Riot Gun: Mossberg 500 or Remington 870? Live in suburb bedroom community. Birdshot or Buckshot?

Bubba Gubbins Apparently you know nothing about guns So let me teach you The average hunting shotgun has a 28 inch barrel and is over four feet long. It cannot be used in a house. A burglar can grab it by the barrel and take it from you. Shotguns for HOME DEFENSE have 18' long barrels and are called "riot guns" Now today you learned something, and hopefully in the future won't make more incredibly stupid statements that show you have no idea what you are talking about.


Either the Mossberg model 500 or the Remington 870 will work. The Remington is of better quality, but a self-defense firearm need not be anything very fancy. Personally, I would lean toward the Remington. Buckshiot is the better option. The pellets will penetrate deeper and they would have more effective range than birdshot.


My personal choice is going to be the Mossberg 500 20 Gauge with 2 3/4" number 3 buckshot. At one time it would have been Mossberg 500 12 gauge with 3" number 4 buckshot. I cannot find number 4 buckshot loads for 2 3/4 20 gauge, so number 3 will have to do.


Weapons are terrible for self defense

Homer Bufflekill

Mossberg makes a lot of cool stuff for their guns...like pistol grips, etc. that you can use to customize your gun. I personally like the 870, but that my hunting shotgun. My 38 sp. is for home defense. I've heard you can saw the barrel off a shotgun, but you can no longer leave your house with it. (check your local laws) Use #4 BUCK not #4 SHOT. That's a wicked set up.


Either will do with 71/2 or larger shot.

Bubba Gubbins

You have a lot of riots at your house, do you? ------Well, Mr. A. Nony Mouse (too scared or stupid to even use a stage name?), I certainly am smart enough to know that birdshot is effective against birds, not human intruders, and that a shotgun is also available with a short slug barrel, which is the ammunition you need to put a man on the ground. 25 years military service, and another 25 years living on a farm in a remote area, hunting and trapping for subsistence, I think I probably have a better knowledge of firearms and defense than you ever will. You show your lack of experience and knowledge just by the stupidity of your question. People like you shouldn't even be allowed to touch a firearm. Now, go back to your mommies basement and lick your nutz.