Joshalyn caught, tagged and released 135 trout into a lake. The next day she caught 48 trout, of which 10 were tagged. Using this ratio,?

How many trout should Joshalyn estimate are in the lake? Please help! Super stuck!


What kind of a name is Joshalyn?


  Set up a ratio with total on the top and tagged on the bottom x/135 = 48/10 Multiply both sides by 135 x = 48/10 * 135 x = 648 <––––––


Michael might have it, but I don't think you can have a complete answer if you don't have an approximate number of total trout in the lake can you?


648 fish dude. 20x7divided by 14 x 11x4divided by 7=648


She was then arrested for illegally stocking a lake! and the fish were removed and disposed of!


NOT Enough information to figure this out. Is Joshalyn the only one tagging fish. There is no ratio here just a flat 135 trout have been tagged as far as we know! Not hard to figure out at all!


10/48 is 0.208 This means that 20.8% of the fish she caught on the second day were tagged. Assuming the same percentage for the total lake population she needs to find the number that 135 is 20.8 % of. So, 135/.208 is 649.