Where are the guns for ensuring strong defense?

I am interested in having options of guns and incredible armament. What are top considerations for this?


Fisher-Price makes an entire line suited for your level of expertise.


Your mind is the weapon, a gun is just a tool.

Mario Antero

Basically you need a centerfire rifle, a 12 ga shotgun with 18" barrel and a sidearm such as a Glock 19. It really depends on your tastes, preferences and situation as to what you get. If you're out in the country, you might get away with larger calibers, try to be realistic about the whole planning.


Large capacity clip such as an AR.. .223 A good round.


Guns are not dangerous and will never be banned. Guns are great tools for self-defense. This is why cops carry guns. The best gun for you is the one you shoot quickly and accurately.


Try shooting different varieties and styles of guns to find out what fits you the best. I prefer my 10mm for carry while my wife likes her 9. Then look at shotguns for home defense. Lots of good options out there.


I dunno, AR-15 style rifle or AK style rifle. Either one are good options.


The US Armed Forces. You volunteer for that. Civilian law enforcement takes up our slackers. With a legal warrant that is served. Assuming your incredible includes no common sense. California last year saw no problem with being notified a collector had 2 tons of ammunition but did volunteer experts who had advice about safer storage on private property.


A Hi-Point handgun in .380 will solve all your problems, big or little.


A 'gun' is typical a howitzer, a mobile tracked gun like the Palladin, or the 16" guns on the old battlewagons. Not sure where you're going with this strong defense business. Could you rephrase your question. The guns are in the United States Armed Forces. The firearms are at your local sporting goods store.


Nobody can tell you exactly what to buy, because it's just THEIR opinion, and my opinion would just be an opinion too. But most people are going to suggest a shotgun (preferably a 12 gauge) that has a relatively short barrel. This is where "fancy" doesn't matter. It could be a Mossberg or Remington. Handguns could be anything from Sig-Sauer, Glock, Springfield, Smit & Wesson, Ruger, and Beretta -- just to name a few. Good semi-automatic calibers are 9 mm, .40 S & W, and .45 ACP. For a bit of "insurance", a .38 Special would be okay in a revolver, but a .357 Magnum would be better. DON'T buy a small--frame revolver in .357 if you decide to go that route.


Defence (as we spell it over here) against what?


Never go wrong with a shotgun


Guns aren’t for defense, recreation, or hunting. They are dangerous.


Guns do not help you for self defense