Plantar Fasciitis Kinesiology Taping? Before or after a long run?

On Sunday I’m doing a 15 k run but don’t know what would be better to do the taping a day before running o after running? I have flat foot and I usually get plantar fasciitis pain after long runs


I'd recommend doing it before BUT I don't have flat feet. I do over pronate though so wear stability running shoes. I developed PF myself last July and had to stop running for several months. I found that taping before (and continuing to wear the tape after) a run did help some with the pain. I also bought a pair of compression socks for PF (strong compression around the midfoot) that also help some. I've found that switching brands of running shoes has helped as well (after taking several months off, as i mentioned). I switched to the most cushioned stability shoe that Hoka One One had to offer, and I've been able to run without any PF pain afterward. For my day-to-day shoes i wear mostly Oofos brand (super soft soles) and Vionic (very supportive), which both reduce my PF pain compared to shoes with little to no support or cushion. Talk to someone at your local running store about maybe changing the brand/model of shoe you run in, to help reduce or eliminate your PF pain after all your long runs. I also found the below video helpful in giving me ideas on things to work on to help reduce my issue with PF.