Volleyball skills have been off for months?

I just finished my last school season so I’m in my last club season and I was a very dependable strong outside hitter for school and it was great. But now i joined a new club and I’moved to the right side and I haven’t been able to play like I normally do for months and I’m the opposite now I’m very unreliable inconsistent and weak hitter and it’s been so long so I don’t know what do . It’s hard being in a new team and just everything is throwing me off please help


The timing is different for different areas of the net. Outside hitter to right side hitter etc. So now you have to relearn a new approach and timing as well as working with your setter. Perhaps have the setter set them a little bit higher for you so you can formulate a new approach. Then practice this until you are able to get used to the new approach. Also realize it takes time to get to know your new teammates, coach and their playing styles. Give yourself some time to get back in your groove. Otherwise go back to outside hitter?