How many gunshots does it take to down a kangaroo?

My roommate and I were talking about if we could fight a kangaroo and win, and decided that we definitely would lose because they are buff as hell. But if we were allowed a handgun (and the kangaroo was not), we might stand a chance. But how many gunshots to the chest could a kangaroo handle before it died?


Even if you did have a weapon, I'm still thinking the kangaroo will win.


You are truly an idiot.

Dole Bludger

Just one in the head.


It depends of the type of gun as well as the species, sex and age of the kangaroo. A mature male red kangaroo is huge and you would need a powerful gun to bring it down unless you could hit a vital spot first time. You could bring down a young female grey kangaroo with a much lighter gun. It is doubtful if you could get close enough to a kangaroo for a handgun to be any use at all which is why roo shooters use rifles.

Aussie Devil

Depends on what kind of handgun you have and if you want to kill it out right or just wing it . There is a big difference between a .22 handgun and a .44 Magnum . When you supply this information I can answer your question

Bob the Heathen Serb

Don't need a gun to kill a roo. It only takes a boomerang to kill one if you throw it right. Roo meat is tough and salty.

Nekkid Truth!

That depends on... 1. What type of ammo the handgun has... 2. The specific gun you are using.. Not all guns are equal. Some makes and models have better accuracy and firing power. 3. How good YOUR aim is. 4. WHERE you hit the animal. 5. How far away you are from your target. If you use a pellet gun, for example.. You wont kill it.. Not even if you fire hundreds of shots. It might die of lead poisoning or infection weeks later.. But it wont die as a direct result of shooting it. Something higher powered at the head.. Depending on exactly where it hits the brain has a high chance of one shot. Anything that can hit a vital organ is one shot.


Hell no


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