In the recent TV programme about Prince Charles, a secretly recorded phone call was mentioned. When did Charles make the call?

It was a phone call in which Charles spoke to his mistress Mrs. Andrew Parker Bowles (née Camilla Shand) about wanting to be her tampon. When did the call get exposed in the media? The programme said it was the last straw for Camilla’s husband Andrew. It said he divorced her.


Old, old news, and you know it. Try to come up with some new material. This is really a crashing bore. By the way, the disingenuous act doesn't play well, dear.

Clo G.-B.

What on OLD story-- it is from the '90's! Both Charles and Diana were victims of having private telephone calls recorded--Squidygate. The divorce of Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles did not happen right away--and really, Andrew Parker Bowles was a philanderer with multiple bouts of affairs before Camilla started one of her own with Charles. The public outing of the private lives was what caused the Parker Bowles to divorce.


Oh that was like ages ago, The chap that did the recording deserves a medal / honour / cash prize for all the entertainment it has brought the whole country. It takes one crashing bore to spot another.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

It was allegedly a call made by Prince Charles on his mobile phone intercepted by a News International hack. The Royal family do not use public network mobile phones (they use the military network which is very secure). If the man who recorded the episode had been working as an impressionist, he'd have been jeered of the stage.