English people are friendlier, kinder and more exciting than Canadians. Agree?

I went to London, Oxford and parts of Suffolk and EVERYBODY I met (of all ages) was super friendly, polite and warm. Nobody was unhappy or rude in those places. I went to Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Peterborough, Montreal, Queb3c City, Halifqx, Calgary and Vancouver and EVERYBODY was a jerk! I mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON! A random man PUNCHED me in the gut, that was his way of saying "Excuse me." A woman in a bar spat in my face because apparently I had taken her seat. English girls are much friendlier and better looking than whatever they have in Canada as well.

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Next time you want to write fiction, at least try and make it a LITTLE more believable.


No. Canadians are friendlier than the English, but, Americans are friendlier than both. That's just the way it is. Half the people in Toronto are from outside of Canada, so, it is a poor example.


Good for them.