Will Camilla Parker Bowles be Queen over Canada?


Sir Prince Kenny

No, she will NEVER become Queen of Canada, she will NEVER be a reigning monarch, just the King's bit on the side.


She will be queen consort of Canada, though she may not use the title. Her husband, not she, will be the monarch. As, of course, you know. Presumably, your intense obsession with Camilla causes you to ask questions to which you already know the answers just so you can type her name and shiver with erotic excitement while doing so. Your unrequited love is so adorable, sweetie.

Guru Hank

No, that will be Eskimo Nell.


No, Charles would be Head of State. Camilla will remain only his consort even if he makes her Queen.

Clo G.-B.

Camilla can only be Queen Consort. She doesn't inherit the role of reigning monarch. It will be Charles who is reigning monarch of Canada.


As long as Canada maintains it's ties to the UK/Commonwealth, and Charles becomes King, of course she will be Queen CONSORT.


No Canada will have a King.

Helen Heels

Yes. I think Trump wants a wall on the wrong border.


Her husband will be King of Canada, so yes. She won't be called Camilla Parker Bowles, but then you knew that.


No such person as camilla parker bowles, when she married her name changed to the duchess of cornwall, she will be charles queen consort when he is king, so she will be the queen of canada, charles will be king.

Forty Licks

She has as much chance as Ivana Trump


By law, custom and tradition, Camilla will be The Queen of Canada for the duration of her husbands tenure as King of Canada.

Milk Tray Man

No, queen of horses


Maybe so, but I doubt the Canadian people will give her much thought. Canada will soon become a republic and they will not have to put up with these people.