Are people protesting in France and Germany due to all the tree hugging globalists making gas price so high?



OPEC? Tree huggers?

Catherine: The user

The user: The Death Bunny is right. Then the peaceful demonstrators have nothing to do with the rioters, which came in Paris, only for burn the cars and break everything. Although many rioters are dressed with the Yellow Jackets ( Gilets Jaunes), you can't confuse them with the peaceful demonstrators, since they are hidden with masks, scarfs and or Helmets.


No, they just don't like paying tax


Uh, no. You're either very dim, or very poorly-informed.


OPEC determines the price of gas. Do your homework.


More than that.


NO Everybody has their own reasons for taking to the streets. The "movement" does not seem to have a focus, but itś a lot wider than just fuel-prices treehuggers and capitalist globalists have nothing in common


The globalist is no body, explain a bit more, But that,s a global powerful person in the world that is important for us, to know from.


Little idiots who do not know trees are the reason the air they breathe so uselessly make their pathetic lives possible. They can choke if they want, go live on Venus.



Mr. Wizard

Economic INFLATION, if not DEFLATED, only rises to the FINAL APEX POINT, when it's simply IMPOSSIBLE for the average country citizen to earn enough salary to pay the bills---and keep them and family fed; something simply has to give. Expect this economic meltdown to eventually seep into the U.S. if Democrats lead America.


French just need an excuse to riot else they'll go mad.