How long do you stay in the dark tunnel for on the Eurostar to Paris?


udi 32 minutes - https

32 minutes -

boy boy

about 30 mins ..bit longer on the car train ..its lit will hardly notice it

Le Café

heu... about 20 mins in the Euro Channel Tunnel... Eurostar Odyssey, comment ça marche ? Discover Eurostar Odyssey: a virtual reality adventure Celebrating our 20th anniversary: 1994–2014


It depends on your place of departure. Oh and you will not be in the dark!.. !o! Here a link ( it is not in English, but: Aller simple = One way ticket. Aller-retour = Round trip. Ville de départ = City of departure. Ville d'arrivée = Arrival city. Date aller = like: date to go. Date flexible = Flexible date. As for ' Rechercher ' it means: Search. It will even give you the price. → You're welcome to France!

Rona Lachat

The tunnel is not dark. It has lights. About 30 minutes.


It's sh/t - Don't go that way - Especially in a coach.