What, in your opinion, is the main problem in France right now?


extreme weeb



Too much centralization. The government complains that we ask them too much things, but on the other hand refuses to give up some power in favor of more local authorities like communes or d├ępartements. The centralization has been increasing for decades, and the ability of the state to manage things on a local scale hasn't increased. So local problems are often treated on a national scale. And they do it by coming up with solutions that apply to everywhere. The result are solutions that don't actually fix the local problem because they also have not to cause problems in the other places. And that's when they do bother coming up with solutions, because most of the time, they are too busy managing the country as a whole to even care about local problems. The centralization policies also had the effect of erasing the local cultures and languages. The government stopped trying to actively erase them in the middle of the 20th century, but we're in 2018 and they still got absolutely no official recognition. Macron is not the source of our problems, it started way before that, but he isn't making it better. His recent tax reforms made communes be almost completely dependent on the state for their functioning and public service.


The government and the people have different ideas on what should be done .


Macron and all the societal divisions and riots that his policies have caused


The elite have bought the politicians and they are increasing taxes and lowering pensions while prices are going up


The real problem is our government and E. Macron our president and his clique. That is because of their cr@ppy politic. Macron is an ex banker ( For don't say bankster) at Rothschild bank in New York after all.... Currently most French people ask to Macron to resign! It's one of the many reasons Yellow Jackets ( Gilets jaunes) do demonstrations here in France.


Forced social engineering from the left.

Mike L

French people.


France has had the same problem for many years .... it's full of French people.


Too many French


they allowed total low-life and zero-income immigrants to flood into their communities ... thats what libs want to do to the US to .. yes, people really can be that stupid ..