If Trump did get Mexico to pay for the border wall would democrats support it then?



This is like the fifth time you've trolled this question. Go away!

mR JiNgLeS

I'd be amazed he actually kept one of his insane campaign promises to the braying morons who voted for him. Never was, never is going to happen. To quote a former Mexican President, Vincente Fox "Trump can pay for that f------ wall"


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No, but they can build whatever they choose on their side of the border with their money


No. It would still be ineffective and a waste of money. Most illegal immigrants come here legally and then just stay once their visa has expired. Most drugs that flow through the border go through regular ports of entry. A wall won't change these facts. Also, illegal immigration, on the whole, has been declining for years. Plus the fact that immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes than American citizens. The wall makes no sense just as a concept. Yes there are sections of the border that could benefit from some kind of security measures but a wall across the whole border is asinine.


Yes - or if the Moon men do. We really couldn't stop the Mexicans from building a wall on their side of the border, now could we?

Toni Parr

What if Aliens landed and gave the technology to raise a force sheild along the border? Because the chance of that happening is about the same as the Mexicans paying for the wall.


hell no! The democrates object to anything "Trump". If he was giving away thousands of dollars, they wouldn t take it. There is something in a demcrates brain that makes them object to anything good.

Free At Last

Well that's a pretty dumb question.

daljack -a girl

This democrat wouldn't. However that's like saying if pigs could fly.


no even then -- because it is a stupid idea and a waste of resources


Mexico will never pay. We all knew that. trump lies. We know that as well. Why don't you?


Of course not. Whatever Trump is for they are against.

The Oracle of Omigod

That is moot because it was always obvious that we could not directly force Mexico to pay for a wall. Most illegal aliens are not even from Mexico.


No because they hate Trump. Nothing he can or ever will do will be good enough for them. And the DO love their illegals.