Can I contact USPS to send my package to a different address ?

I ordered a package from eBay. It's taking way too long going through custom clearance... even tho it says "import custom clearance completed". I currently live in California but I'm moving in 5 days. I was hoping the package would come by it's delivery date which was a couple of days ago but it didn't.. can I tell my post office to send it to my new address once they have it in possession?


You should complete a "change of address" form with your post office, which will allow all mail sent to your current address to be forwarded to your new address (for a certain period of time). That should include that package. Without formal notification such as this, your package and mail cannot be sent on to another address.


You certainly should tell the post office your new address. Go to the post office and fill out a CHANGE OF ADDRESS notice. That way, if it arrives before you move, you'll get it at your present address. But if it arrives after you move, it will be forwarded to your new address. Fair warning: it usually takes a couple of weeks for the post office to catch up with your new address, so if you don't get the package before you move, it will be a few weeks' wait until you get it. And BTW, since it appears to have already left Customs, you may well get it before you move, depending on if you live in an urban area or way, way out in the boondocks.