Transpack Ice figure skate backpack, can that be considered my carry on or my personal?

Tend to be able to do it and bring a small suitcase as my carryon but idk if the rules are different. I can bring skates on the plane, already know that.

Rona Lachat

Ever heard of a tape measure.or a ruler? If you bag fits then it fits. Shall we GUESS which Airline or Airplane you are on. the size allowed is not the same for every situation you can dream up. If it fits under the seat it can be your personal item. suggest you not stuff it to bursting capacity. If it is too big then it is your carry on item.

Diane A

If it’s in a largish back pack it would be considered a carryon, whether they would make you check the rest Is impossible to predict as rules are applied irregularly. One must go under the seat however.


i would call the airlines up and ask thenn this question, they'll let you know