Is it worth it to purchase the Disney dinning plan?



It really depends. If you're going to be sticking to counter service (fast food) meals the whole time, then it usually doesn't save you much money (and might cost more than what you'd otherwise spend). If you're going to do a character meal or two, then you will often find that the middle plan ends up being a great deal. The deluxe plan is expensive, but nice for people who want some flexibility because you can use it anywhere. If we aren't doing character meals, then we don't get a dining plan. We bring breakfast foods and then just buy our meals as we go.


Depends on how you and your family eat. There are calculators out there that can help decide if it is worth it to you Since its now just my wife and I, we usually get the DDP


Yes, I feel it is. It can save money. There are different plans. But mostly it is convenient . My meal budget was already paid of before we got there. We ate more and tried more different foods

Peter Miller



Watch this Youtube video, made by Disney Food Blog. They make really excellent guides to Disney and this one was only released a day or two ago. If you can get the dining plan free when it's on offer, it's great but unless you and your entire group are all going to eat a LOT, it's a lot cheaper to pay as you go.


I did that and Mickey hand-delivers my meals to my house every day. It was kind of alarming at first but now my kids wait at the window for him. I’m not sure if they’re just really hungry or love Mickey.


No. It not worth the risk of getting sick.