M-O-I just had knee surgery and cant ride any rides, can she get into disney for cheap or free so she can at least be with the family?



Nope - everyone pays to get in, and a permanent or temporary disability does not get you a discount. She will have to pay full price for her ticket. There are plenty of other things she can do in Disney, and might even be some rides that she can enjoy.


Everyone over the age of 2 pays to get inside Disney. There are many things a person in a wheel chair can do and see inside Disney. This is not an amusement park, like Six Flages with mostly thrill rides. There are rides she can get on and many shows she can see with you.




No - there are lots of things people can do at Disney other than get on rides. There are shows, walk-in attractions, parades, etc. The entrance price is the same for all adults. There are no freebies or cheap tickets.



Rick B

of course not. and what is an MOI???


She will still have to pay the regular price. She could get a free disability pass that her and her party can use, so there is some benefit for your family.


They'll probably charge the same admission fee as any other adult in the park, whether she can ride the rides or not.


In the old days Disney World had a general admission ticket.Inside one could purchase single ride tickets.With magic bands Disney World could offer general admission and then block entry to every ride.The band could be attached around the neck and tamper resistant. St.Petersburg Florida had old people who sat on public benches painted green.Disney World could install green benches for the old people with neck bands.One could purchase snacks to feed the old people like pigeons.