Yahoo Answers Problems. Would Yahoo or Verizon allow their address to be put on this site, so people can send them complaint letters?

IMPORTANT to state your source so the answers can be verified. Thanks.


There has been no way to directly contact anyone representing Yahoo in a very long time. Outside of appealing post removal or account suspension, other requests/complaints tend to go unanswered (so stated by people who have attempted to use the YA customer care email address for any issue other than the aforementioned appeals). Bottom line is Verizon Media just laid off 800 employees that worked for Yahoo and AOL. It would take several staff members to field all the email complaints this site would generate if there were a way to contact someone for help. It's not worth it to them to employ people to field complaints about a free site that isn't a big money maker for the company. A large percent of the emails they would receive would be nonsense anyway (trolls complaining about being unfairly treated, someone whining about another user posting things they don't like, etc). I wouldn't hold my breath on us ever (again) getting a direct way to contact anyone affiliated with YA for problems on the site, if I were you.


No, they will not. It's quite apparent that they have no desire or motive to spend the money on a handful of employees necessary to do anything beyond repairing technical glitches when the site breaks down. There has been no staff who deal with (for instance) extreme troll issues since March of 2013.


Do a Google search on Verizon . Verizon has multiple addresses The one for the USA is in New Jersey. They also have customer care phone numbers. Yahoo went out of business more than 4 years ago.