Fire will not power off when charging?



Question make no sense when read...


Much to my surprise my Fire 7 tablet also turns itself on when I put it on charge; I mean that when it was off completely and I put in the power from the charger . If you didn't know. Apple products like the iPhone also insists on being on while charging. If you really want to turn it off while charging. Plug the charger in first and then power off the tablet. The only issue is then, it won't tell you how full the battery is... It's fine to leave it on while charging however. Since the manufacture made it that way, it should be fine.


hold down power button


What is the vehicle/equipment? What exactly is the problem?


hate that when it happens


That's nice. Did you want to ask a question while you're here?

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Either you used the wrong words or you got them out of order. Get some sleep, then tomorrow, try again. Were you asking about a Kindle Fire, but couldn't be bothered with the one extra word? Read the manual.